Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Place Market Foundation
Pike Place Market Foundation
GoFundMe Charity FEATURED : Apr 15, 2016
Tax ID: 91-1197625
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.pikeplacemarketfoundation.org
$9,614 Money Raised

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<p xss=removed>Seattle’s global icon needs your support! The Pike Place Market is expanding its footprint so that we can provide more opportunities for farmers, artists and small businesses, as well as housing and vital social services including childcare, food programs and other support for thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors in downtown Seattle. We need to reach our fundraising goal of $3M by spring 2017!  With your contributions, you can help give another child a chance for a safe school environment or another low-income senior to find housing and nutrition or help start another small business – all right here at the Pike Place Market.</p> <p xss=removed>It has taken more than 40 years to get the ball rolling but the new Pike Place “MarketFront” is underway and is transforming the surface parking lot on Western Avenue into a waterfront-facing side of the Market. Every dollar donated will directly impact the people who live and work in this magical place. For the first time in the 109-year history, the Market will have a Neighborhood Center that showcases our services and support dedicated to our neighbors and Market community. The newly expanded MarketFront will overlook the Puget Sound and act as Seattle’s front door for all that is warm and welcoming about our city.</p> <p xss=removed>This is your opportunity to support and promote the legacy of Pike Place Market by ensuring it is preserved and celebrated for generations to come. Join us today and help us grow Pike Place Market for all of us to love and share!</p> <p> </p> <p>Just to give you an idea of what we are doing:</p> <p> </p> <p>30,000   Square-feet of public space</p> <p>13,653   Market Charms</p> <p>12,000   Square-feet of commercial space for artisan purveyors</p> <p>1,200     Bronze piggy bank hoof prints leading to the MarketFront plaza from the Pike Market Hill Climb</p> <p>300         Underground parking spaces</p> <p>47           Stalls for farmers, craftspeople and artists</p> <p>40           Low-income housing units for seniors</p> <p>33           Bicycle spaces</p> <p>2              Public art installations</p> <p>2              Artisan food purveyors, including a biscuit-maker and chocolatier</p> <p>2              Onsite production facilities, including seafood canning/tapas bar and brewery/gastropub</p> <p>1              Neighborhood Center</p> <p>1              Bronze piggy bank named Billie who supports social services in Pike Place Market</p> <p>.75          The size in acres of the reclaimed surface parking lot and former site of the Municipal Market Building</p> <p>100% AMAZING!</p> <p> </p> <p>Visit PikeUp.org Today!</p>

Tax ID: 91-1197625 • www.pikeplacemarketfoundation.org


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