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PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
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PHUN Fest 2012 Photo
PHUN Fest 2012 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Sep 15, 2012

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 15, 2012

The time is NOW for PEACE, HEALING, and UNITY in New Orleans!


Did you know that New Orleans has been recognized as the murder capital of the United States for the past 6 years?


Or that 1 out of 1,700 people was murdered in New Orleans in 2011?  


Many of the slain were innocent youth, in the wrong place at the wrong time, or simply wearing the wrong type of clothing.  In an instant, their lives were taken, along with the gifts and potential they could have shared with the world.


We cannot stand by and allow this to continue.  We called upon our dear friend, international non-violence advocate, and Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Dr. Arun Gandhi, to help us bring attention and strategic action to this situation.  We are deeply honored that Dr. Gandhi has answered the call and is bringing his lifetime of experience in non-violent social justice work to New Orleans.


This is how we will start:


The Peace Healing and Unity Now Festival, better known as PHUN Fest, is an opportunity to stand together in strength and solidarity to break the tragic and costly patterns of violent crime and murder in New Orleans. In the spirit of the jazz funeral, we will both grieve our losses and celebrate life! We will sing together, laugh together, dance together, learn together, cry together, and, in unity, create a new vision for our beloved city, with a particular focus on youth.


The long-term vision is that through the connections and inspirations that happen at the festival, coalitions of support can be initiated to strengthen and re-energize the ongoing work to create a safer, stronger New Orleans, where lives are valued and everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential.


PHUN Fest will feature:

  • Arun Gandhi and other noted peacemakers, sharing their wisdom and insights about creating peace in New Orleans and in the world
  • Music by the Charmaine Neville Band and other artists whose work uplifts, inspires, and embodies the spirit of the festival
  • A Wiping Away of Tears ceremony to honor community members lost to violence
  • A non-profit resource area, featuring organizations and programs that empower and support the citizens of New Orleans
  • Workshops teaching alternatives to violence
  • A "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet" area where participants will learn how to take good care of their own bodies and reduce stress, as well as how to live in balance with the Earth. This will include a free clinic for participants to get their health checked, workshops, healing sessions, and a hands-on natural building demonstration.
  • An area for local artists to share their work and opportunities for participants to create art of their own
  • Delicious food, activities for kids, and much more!! 


We believe that this event will be one that we will look back on as a turning point for the city, and you will not want to miss the magic of that moment.  


So, on September 15th, 2012, make a plan to stand up for Peace, Healing, and Unity Now in the Big Easy!  

Location TBA