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Phoenix Tree Educational Foundation Inc

At Deeper Root Academy, children are provided a quality education based on the Florida State Standards as well as opportunities to understand their strengths. We also offer family support by providing workshops and a safe place for our youth to learn and grow, and an academic scholarship program.

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The Mission of Deeper Root Academy:

Providing an environment where Christian values are instilled/nurtured within our students is both a privilege and a responsibility at Deeper Root Academy.  Our educational focus is based on the study of Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence. At the core of  this theory is the recognition that people think and learn differently and that intelligence can be expressed in a multitude of ways. This approach differs from the traditional education provided in both public and private schools in Florida.  Using the Common Core State Standards and Nationwide benchmarks,  our instruction incorporates each of the major intellectual domains defined by Dr. Gardner and provide opportunities for each student to use his or her unique intelligence to understand the subject matter.

In addition, we help students understand their strengths and challenges to learn how to utilize their strengths to acquire new information and work on more fully developing their knowledge in areas that are a challenge for them.  Our Christian values and character education foster sound qualities that should be at the core of humanity.  We teach our students to embrace their God-given abilities and talents in order to develop their understanding of how they can positively impact our world.