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Phoenix Rising Sober House Inc

A transitional re-entry house for people seeking to be free from drug and alcohol addiction.


 Phoenix Rising Sober House Inc., (PRSH) is a structured sober living house chosen only by those individuals who are committed to a sober way of life. When you enter Phoenix Rising our focus is to help alleviate residents from the turmoil and devastation caused by addiction and incarceration. PRSH offers stability and the opportunity to be restored back to leading a law abiding productive life, that benefits self, community, and society at-large.

Residents of PRSH are offered the following to assist in reaching their goals of recovery and independence:

   *Social Service- assistance and referrals for medical care. Focus areas include substance abuse, anti-social disorders, individual & family counseling reinforced by case management and mandatory meeting attendance.

   *Case Management- evidence based approach on the individual level. 24hr staffing -plan targets strategies to assist residents to maintain stability in the community as  whole.

    *Housing- to meet the needs of the residents by providing secure safe, affordable housing ultimately to achieve independent living when attainable.

     *Employment- this component ranges between job search to placement and job retention skill sets. Focus areas include the concerns faced by individuals previously incarcerated.

     *Financial- case plan objective is to teach financial responsibility, by introducing budgeting or in some instances opening a simple bank account to develop and reinforce  an individuals financial goal.