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The mission of Phoenix Patriot Foundation is to provide direct support to severely wounded veterans injured since the Global War on Terror, enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate and remain engaged in serving America and to engage Veterans and their families with our outreach programs. Our slogan: Ex Cinere Surgemus

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Become a Phoenix Patriot Foundation Volunteer by supporting our Crowdrise fundraising projects!  You can join our team by selecting any of our Crowdrise projects and begin your outreach!  Your generous support as a PPF Volunteer helps us help Veterans and their families. Welcome Aboard!


Our Vision is to offset the gap between the number of injured military and support received by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, so that no wounded servicemen is ever left behind since the War on Terror began.


  • Develop unique opportunities for severely wounded veterans, aiding in full recovery and reintegration into civilian life                                                           
  • Generate public awareness and support through challenges, fundraisers and grassroot efforts                                                                                            
  • Institute direct programming to facilitate the three R’s: Recovery, Reintegration, Remain Engaged                                                                          
  • Provide financial support through grants and partnerships to better serve our veterans and expand our reach



  1. Service
  2. Education
  3. Loyalty
  4. Passion



Quality Service is our number one core value. Our strong commitment to service makes Phoenix Patriot Foundation unique as an organization. We define service as finding passion in life during the recovery process, which is manifested through positive contributions to society. We support this value of service by identifying the interests and strenghts of our injured patriots, and aiding them in building their needed skill sets.

Above all, we help our patriots by facilitating their return into the work force as productive citizens.

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