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The Philadelphia Education Fund

PEF drives exceptional student outcomes by developing great teachers and building paths to college and career success. While not every student needs to go to college, we believe every student should be equipped to decide themselves whether or not to pursue college.

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Philadelphia is the nation’s poorest big city, and is experiencing an educational achievement crisis. We rank 92nd of 100 US cities in college attainment, and just two in three students graduate from high school, compared to 83% nationally.

Yet, for the 1 in 4 Philadelphia students living in poverty, a college education offers the promise of improved long-term social and economic stability. The evidence is there. A college education can increase lifetime earnings by as much as $1 million and, on average, college graduates enjoy heightened job security, health benefits, employability and are 3.5 times less likely to live in poverty.

That’s why The Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF)’s exists – to route a path of success for Philadelphia students.  It is our mission to drive exceptional outcomes for students by developing great teachers and building paths to college and career success. 

What makes PEF different?

There are many programs that aim to support the college ambitions of Philadelphia youth.  

What sets PEF apart is this:

•    We succeed in serving students in the academic-middle who are attending are city’s low graduation-rate, high-poverty public high schools (75% graduation rate or below).

•    We are the largest such program in the City – on track, in FY19, to serve 6,000 students in 16 schools.

•    We are the most comprehensive provider of college access and career success programming in the City – offering services and resources targeting students, teachers, schools, and the larger Philadelphia community.

•    We are the oldest – founded in 1990.

•    We steward the largest non-University based scholarship program in the city – through Philadelphia Scholars Last Dollar Scholarship we award $500,000 in aid annually.