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Pittsburgh Girls Choir

Pittsburgh's choir for girls of all races and backgrounds in grades 1-12

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Equity - After-school enrichment programs can be expensive, but our income-sensitive sliding scale tuition means our choir is available to every girl regardless of family resources.  This is our commitment, and we are grateful to the generosity of our supporters who make it possible.  

Female-Centered - Single-sex education has value particularly for adolescent girls, and Pittsburgh Girls Choir offers an afterschool space devoted to the needs of girls and the invaluable contribution of women to the performing arts.

Artistic Excellence - With a national and international reputation for creative and artistic choral music, Pittsburgh Girls Choir is a widely recognized leader in the tradition of Mädchenchor performance.  

Music Education - Our program in grounded in a sequential Kodaly-based curriculum, the method of teaching choral music pioneered by the great Hungarian early 20th-century choral teacher, Zoltán Kodály, focusing on ear training and music literacy.

Service - At the heart of Pittsburgh Girls Choir is a simple idea: that musical performance is an act of service for the good of our community, and that music glories in being a benefit shared by all.