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Peru - June 2012

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EVENT: roadmonkey 2012

EVENT DATE: Jun 28, 2012

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Awamaki is a Peruvian non-profit working with impoverished Quechua women weavers to improve their skills and increase their access to market, thereby revitalizing an endangered weaving tradition while affording Quechua women with a reliable source of income.

In June 2012, Roadmonkey will be building greenhouses in Patacancha, a rural village in the Peurvian moutains, side-by-side family members of the women in Awamaki's weaving cooperatives. Roadmonkey worked with this community its first year in Peru building an adobe brick dye house for the women weavers. Expect a rustic village, big hearts, and bigger smiles.

The greenhouses will be used to cultivate vegetables and natural dye plants. At that altitude, almost nothing grows but potatoes (as you'll experience!), so dietary diversity is limited and people suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

The greenhouses will also be used to grow natural dye plants used to dye textiles for Awamaki weavers and the tourist market, which has two key benefits:
1. Naturally-dyed textiles fetch a higher price at market
2. And the natural dyes are more environmentally sound, addressing the impact of synthetic dyes have on peoples' health and the environment. 

Learn more about Awamki here.


Our expeditions are carefully planned to provide you with not only a first-rate geographic adventure but also the chance to accomplish something powerfully good in the world.

Roadmonkey was created to challenge convention, venture off the path and break the needless rules that prevent you from having the most authentic travel experience possible. We’re not a traditional travel outfitter, nor are we a volunteer organization. Rather, we’re a unique - some might even say weird - hybrid of both.

Roadmonkey gives you the chance to safely go farther into the world than you probably have in the past, and deeper than you could on your own. We give you the tools, literally, to help people in need sustainably help themselves. All this happens in the company of a few other accomplished & like-minded individuals, your expedition colleagues, who often become friends for life.

We call it adventure philanthropy - a ridiculously clunky phrase for a relatively simple idea - because we believe in the art of the experience, and in the value of learning how other lives are lived as personally as possible, no matter how far away.


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