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While my family was fortunate enough not to loss our home, Hurrican Sandy has wiped out our first floorof our home. Complete loss of everything that we tried to save & raise.While our family is fortunate to have flood Insurance at 2,000 a year it will not be enough to cover all our losses. Our contents alone totaled 63,000.00 while our policy will only cover 17,000. We do no need to replace everything we lost, but 17 will not cover a substantial part of what is needed. We did apply for a sb loan but was turned down due to low income and debt. Our debts are hign now due to all we had to charge waiting for insurance. Our losses also do not cover anything out side that floated away or was damaged-.This has been a long five months, trying to rebuild, work thru all the paperwork & just trying to live a somewhat normal life, in an adnormal situation.Especially after we had just recoved from Irene.. Just trying keep our head above water.I will add that one thing that has helped keep our sprits up is all the wonderful volunteers that may have showed up with a cup of soup, the many hands to lift the junk & muck.they have helped us not feel so isolated in this diaster What a sense of community & love. Some of the things outside not covered is decking, fencing, we had a small shed attached to the house for our storage of sandbags-gone. Buying the sandbags are costly also & not reimbursed. The greatest loss outside is our Hot tub. To some this is a luxury, not to us. It was a medical necessity for my husband.

We would love to save & raise our home , but there is no way we could afford this hoping to get some grants , keep your fingers crossed.

We still have not rec'd our insurance except for an initial start up. We still do not know exactley whatt they will cover as far as our structure. Any help brings us a step closer to peace



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