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Persecuted Christians of India Need Your Help.

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We are a group of christians who were victims of religious persecution from fundamentalist in our society. We have a big displaced community, broken families and people under a constant threat of violence only because we chose Jesus Christ.
We have thousands of families and individuals who are living in dire conditions after their Churches and homes were burned down. many of our family members including women and children, friends and colleges were killed or injured. Businesses were destroyed only because they were followers of Jesus Christ or they hire Christians.

We are a group of victims turned volunteers who are trying to help our community and individuals to get their lives back on track. building new churches so we can pray for  help and salvation, building new communities for people who lost everything. 
We need new schools, clinics, churches, homes and jobs for devoted christians, Because  we are facing a “social boycott” for refusing to follow traditions to appease Hindus gods
Due to extremely hostile environment against followers of Lord Jesus Christ. in this society, it is practically impossible for us to raise awareness, arrange fundraising events or even mentioning our cause in public without getting beaten up, threatened or ridiculed. And Lord knows we tried our best.

Mission of this website is to tell the world about our conditions and what we are going through, raising awareness that what it's like to be a devoted christian in indian subcontinent.
We are also seeking your political, emotional and financial help.
Please call your political representative and ask them to help us stop persecution of christians and violations of human and religion rights in India and in this region.
We also seeking your financial help in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Please Help us any way you can.
Thank You very much for taking your time and reading this.
Lord Jesus Christ Bless You.



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