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People Making a Difference Through Community Service, Inc.

Involving and engaging people through hands-on work that meets local needs by producing real results, providing needed resources, educating volunteers, and bringing people together to make a difference since 1992

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What PMD Does

People Making a Difference (PMD) connects and organizes motivated volunteers who want to help where they are needed most in Greater Boston.

PMD’s well-planned service projects recruit and engage volunteers in meaningful, hands-on work that effectively meets real needs AND educates volunteers about the context of their work. Participants consistently feel energized and motivated from making a difference as PMD volunteers.

1992-2019, PMD has recruited 9,800+ volunteers for 1,333+ service projects PMD has organized and executed to help 144 partner charities, of which 81% do not have staff to work with volunteers year-round and so need assistance in order to involve volunteers effectively.

See PMD volunteers in action at https://www.facebook.com/pg/pmdorg/photos

PMD Mission & Vision

People Making a Difference (PMD) seeks to create a world in which people and businesses are socially aware and engaged in their communities such that they approach volunteerism by learning about problems and needs, becoming familiar with local charities that are working to address them, volunteering reliably, and providing other needed resources to make a difference. 

Our vision is for everyone to be able to volunteer productively a few times a year so that together we make a real difference throughout the year while learning important things along the way.