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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction, Teen Leadership Institute

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Our mission at Chain Reaction is to empower teens to learn through service. In a safe, fun and empowering environment, our teens discover their innate strengths and untapped abilities; unite as a team of connected, committed citizens; and believe in themselves to achieve more and aspire to see the good in all things. Our vision is to grow to become a nationally recognized teen-directed, teen-organized and teen-driven organization with program chapters in major cities across the United States. 


Chain Reaction is a local teen leadership institute for youth ages 14-18 in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Pensacola, Fl. The three primary goals for Chain Reaction members are:

  1. To increase a teen's service and connection to their community.
  2. To Increase a teen's leadership experiences.
  3.  To increase a teen's college preparedness


Service Learning Program is where teens complete a 6-week long service projects at the CR center that benefit over 14 local nonprofits. The teen members participate in 8 pre-designed service learning projects that have specific learning objectives that build different skillsets. Teens also learn and develop soft skills through relection and service.

Last year our teens completed over 40 service projects that resulted in 12,900 service hours. If these teens were pain minimum wage this would be a $103,845 contribution to our community.


Leadership Development Program is where CR members complete at least two of the four leadership traingings offered. The four leadership trainings/expierences are: the three-day CR Leadership Convention, completeing a work resume, attending a team building trainging offered every quarter, and serve in CR teen intern positions (the interns are the leaders of the service learning projects). The leadership expierences teach CR members to be leaders of their own lives by understanding what it takes to gain high school employment/or employment after college.

Last year 48 teens completed internships.


College Preparedness Program teaches teens to pursue their college goals and scholarship dreams. Teens will work individually but will be in a peer group setting. Chain Reaction tracks the number and dollar value of in-state and out-of-state scholarships recieved by the graduating class of each year including the Bright Future Scholarship.

Last year 21 teens were awarded college scholarships totaling $1.5 million dollars.


Right now from December 1st-January 1st we are having our annual CR Stories of Gratitude fundraiser. 

It cost $75 a year for a teen to become a member at CR, however we scholarship anyone who need financial assistance for a minimum of $5. We don't want to turn away any teen from this expierence. That is why our alumni and current council members are sharing their stories of gratitude with you all to show how CR made an impact on their life. All the funds raised will help Chain Reaction's goal to grow to 1,000 teens by 2021!