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Penguins International

Protecting penguins, protecting the planet

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About Us

Penguins International is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and protecting penguins throughout the world. 

To accomplish our mission, we actively engage in penguin conservation, educate the public on threats to penguins, and conduct scientific research investigations; three activities that go hand-in-hand to fully understand these amazing species of birds and protect them for all to cherish. 

Our History

Since the date of our inception February 15, 2017, Penguins International has been committed to preserving and protecting penguins around the world. The organization was founded in response to gaps in overall penguin conservation that needed to be addressed. We are currently volunteer-led and utilize the support of numerous volunteers to accomplish our mission and goals. 

Our Projects

-PBS Documentary Series

-Penguin  Conservation Education Program

- Fiordland Penguin Conservation Work (in partnership with the Tawaki Project)

-Humboldt Penguin Nest Box Program (in partnership with Punta San Juan)

- Emperor Penguin Population Trend Research

-Oiled Penguin Response

-Pollution Exposure Scientific Research