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Pearl River Alumni Ambulance Corporation

Pearl River Alumni Ambulance Corp. is the first volunteer ambulance corp. in New York State!

http://pearlriverems.com/ Tax ID 13-6115917


The Pearl River Alumni Ambulance Corp. has provided continuous TAX FREE Ambulance Service to the residents of Pearl RIver since it began operations in 1937. The generous contributions from our community has maintained our mission for over 80 years! We are a completely independent organization. We receive NO funding from Federal, State, County, or Town government. We are NOT on any tax rolls. 

Pearl River Alumni Ambulance Corp. functions with your support. We run on donations and used to reach out every year to our community for help by sending letters to the residents of Pearl River. We have entered the 21st century and we have gone digital. 

It is times like these when an organization such as ours with continuous commitment to the community can be fully appreciated. Our mission is to maintain and improve the ambulance service in Pearl River with your generosity and support. 

We are in need of a new ambulance, and new life saving equipment for our ambulances. We need your support to get there though. 

We thank you for your financial support which has allowed us to continue to provide a Tax Free ambulance service to you and our friends and neighbors.