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Peace Love Knowledge

We are a non conventional non profit bring communities together by asking them what change do they want to see.

www.plknonprofit.org Tax ID 81-3014745


We are Peace Love Knowledge! 

We hope to help create stronger individuals and see it reflected back in their communities. It is som important to show how powerful we are individually and what greatness we can do TOGETHER! This is our third year help individuals and their communities and we are looking to make a foundation in Skid Row, Los Angeles. 

For the past three years,  we have been popping up on the streets with our "Motivation Center," before known as the "Each One Teach One," program. Under our tent, we have laptops for resume writing, business card making and free Internet for finding local resources or maybe finsihing your GED. Also, we provide job flyers from a local worksource center. Most importantly, we offer a space to connect with indiviudals you may not do so in another environment. Another important topic is mental health! Not everyone is ready to take on a job due to their life circumstances. We provide adult coloring books and board games for those looking to find some quiet healing time in their day. 

It has been three WONDERFUL years being able to help residents along their journey, but we are ready to be a foundation and staple piece for residents in Skid Row! We are looking to create a foundation with a space for people to come heal and transform. This fundraiser is for space, utilities, and insurance to keep The Motivation Center alive for one year! Within the year we are hoping to gain momentum and gain sponsorships and other funding from the City or County through all the funding going towards allievating the houseless epidemic.