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Paws and Think, Inc.

Improving lives through the power of the human-dog connection

www.pawsandthink.org Tax ID 35-2153710


Paws & Think is a non-profit organization focusing on the at-risk community, both human and canine. Our vision creates a community where “every person who would benefit from a dog has the opportunity, and every dog fulfills its potential.”

We do this with two proven methods: 

1. One of training and providing  therapy animals for both animal assisted interventions to youth, seniors and special needs individuals of all ages.  Through our Pet Therapy Programs we provide trained, registered teams  for visitation in senior communities, hospitals, hospice care  facilities, and support groups. Paws & Think teams also provide  therapeutic work with children to improve literacy, cope with loss, and  reach physical and occupational rehabilitation goals. We provide classes  and outreach programs regarding the value of the relationship between  people and their pets, responsible pet ownership and bite prevention.

2. The second method is our Youth–Canine Programs that facilitate classes  for at-risk youth and teens, helping them to train shelter dogs with  positive reinforcement behaviors. The young people learn responsibility,  job readiness, anger management, parenting skills, leadership and  positive life skills, while at the same time increasing the dog’s  chances of adoption because of the basic obedience skills learned. Pride  and confidence are found as a result of both aspects of our vision.