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I initially met the Director of The Paw House about 10 years ago. I had bought an investment property and the previous owner had 12 cats. Some were kittens, some were adults, some were seniors. All of which I had inheritedwith the purchase of the property. As a long time animal supporter, I had routinely given donations totaling over $5000.00 every few months to various local animal rescue organizations. I of course, never dreamed that I woulf need the aid of one of these organizations. However, I felt confident that after being such a loyal supporter that the task of surrendering 12 cats for adoption would be an easy one. I soon found out how very wrong I was. Each nd every rescue to whom I have pledged my time and money hade flatly refused to help. The reasons were endless. They were overcrowded, donations were down, the cats I had were either too yung, too old, for for whatever reason they could not bed placed for adoption. I was in shock and disbelief. Finally one day while relating my story, someone told me to call The Paw House. I immediately called and left a message for a return call. A short time late, the Director of The Paw House, Rose Sofia, contacted me. I explained the inheritance of the 12 cats and, without hesitation, Ms. Sofia offered her assistance. Within a day, she, along with other volunteers, rescued the 12 cats. The Paw House never pressured me for a donation even though I know that the cost of housing, feeding and routine medical care can run into the hundreds of dollars per animal. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other animal rescue organization in existence today that will take an animal in need with no questions asked and without giving some type of monetary donation. I was so impressed by The Paw House's kindness, compassion and dedication to the homeless and abandon dogs and cats that I wanted to give back. I became a volunteer and loyal supporter The Paw House is an all-volunteer, recognized not-for-profit animal rescue organization. No one receives a salary or receives any monetary compensation. They give of their time freely and openly from the heart. Now however, due to the economic climate our country is in, The Paw House is in dire need of financial support. Over the past several months, The Paw House has come to the aid of several dogs and cats who were in desperate need of urgent medical care and forever homes. One recent case was a cat named, Adrian. Adrian was a beautiful black cat with the sweetest temperament I have ever seen. He truly was a kind soul. All Adrian wanted was a forever home and the love of a human companion. When The Paw House initially received the call about Adrian, it was from a concerned neighbor who prefaced the call with "I cantacted every Shelter and every Rescue Group about this cat and no one will help. The Paw House is my last hope. Can you please help me?" As in my personal case, The Paw House did indeed help. Adrian was rescued. He had been dumped by his previous owner in an abandoned lot and surv ived for months outside in the blistering heat, rain and frigid temperatures scouring for food and water. To make matters worse, Adrian had a huge growth on the side of his face, which was about the size of a golf ball. I'm sure it made him extremely uncomfortable. The Paw House immediately rusheed Adrian to a 23 hour veterinary care facility for treatment. In addition to being malnourished, he was extremely weak and debilitated due to his physical condition. After receiving intensive care and a battery of tests, the doctor had informed us the Adrian had cancer. The growth on the side of his face is probably the reason why his prior owned "dumped" him. The spirit of this cat amazed us all. Adrian wanted to live. He wanted a forever home and a happy ending. Yes, the cost of this treatment would be expensive but rather than put him down as most other rescue groups would do, The Paw House collectively decided to give Adrian the fighting chance he deserved. Most of our loyal supporters contributed money from their own pocket and paid for the cost of Adrian's care totaling over $4000.00. Through it all, Adrian was the most loving and trusting cat I have ever seen. He3 tolerated every transfusion and IV probably better than I would have. Sadly, despite all the efforts and prayers, Adrian passed away. That little boy who was always so glad to see us in his last days, finally got his wish. He left the hospital and was placed in a foster home to recuperate. He was warm, had plenty of food and treats and loved his soft blanket. When he died, he was surrounded by people who loved him and who were dedicated to helping him and who cried when he passed. He was not left outside to endure the harsh winter all alone, cold, hungry and helpless. Again, no other animal rescue/shelter would ever go to the lengths that The Paw House did in order to help Adrian. But paying for Adrian did come at a price. The financial resources of The Paw House are now severely compromised. In fact, the Director of The Paw House is now planning on auctioning off her own diamond engagement ring in order to raise funds for the animals still in foster care at The Paw House. I ask that anyone who can help, please do so. Whether it's $5, $10, $50, $100, - or any amount - your donation counts. These often abused and neglected dogs and cats need our help. As I stated earlier, The Paw House is an all volunteer, not-for-profit rescue organization. No one takes a salary and no one receives any money. All the volunteers, along with the Director, donate their time with total commitment to the animals in their care. The Paw House relies solely on the kindness and generosity of its supporters. If you could find it in your heart to pledge a donation to help the dogs and cats currently in our care, it would truly be a Christmas miracle. Please help a "Paw Purr"

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