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PAVE is a national nonprofit that works to prevent sexual assault and help survivors thrive after trauma.

PAVE is the only survivor-driven organization with an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach that works with local crisis centers, first responders, school districts, and law enforcement to prevent sexual violence and help victims heal.

Recent Success:

PAVE worked with 17 year old high school survivor in the "St Paul Rape Case" who broke her silence on the Today Show a few weeks ago. PAVE launched #IHaveTheRightTo with Chessy and we had nearly 5 Million social media impressions. Hundreds of survivors shattered the silence of sexual violence and reclaimed their rights!

PAVE's Consent Is Campaign reached over a thousand students in Arlington County engaging young men and women to be a part of the solution.

PAVE's SafeBAE campaign reached thousands of high school students in the DC area in the spring semester 2016.

By supporting PAVE, your gift provides hope through...


Research tells us that the best way to end campus sexual assault is to start the prevention education younger. Your gift will support our groundbreaking  high school and middle school programs.


PAVE’s national consent campaign allows students to express why consent is important to them using social media. Your gift will help us expand PAVE’s #ConsentIs campaign and create a culture of respect.


For people impacted by sexual violence, the transformative  journey from victim to survivor to thriver starts here. Your gift will support PAVE’s regional Empowerment Summits that use a unique, effective, and holistic healing approach.

About PAVE:

Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment was founded by Angela Rose. Abducted from a shopping mall as a teenanger, Angela funneled her anger into activism by spearheading community action to change laws in Illinois at the age of seventeen.  She created PAVE as a student organization in 2001 at UW-Madison and fostered the growth into a multi-national nonprofit. 

PAVE educates students across the country about sexual assault prevention.  PAVE convened the National Campus Sexual Assault Summit held at Georgetown Law that broadcasted live to over 300 colleges.

PAVE’s work on college campuses led to an invitation to the White House for the launch of the “It’s On Us” campaign and PAVE members were asked to serve on the White House Taskforce to Protect Students from Sexual Assault chaired by Vice President Biden. 

PAVE is rolling out a series of prevention education videos featuring high school survivors of sexual assault that can be used in communites across the country.

As a respected national leader with a positive and proactive approach to prevent sexual assault, PAVE is a frequent contributor to national news including CNN, FOX, CBS, and Good Morning America.

"PAVE gave me courage to find my voice--not only my voice to the public, but also my voice to myself, to help me start loving myself move forward in life with a gradual new-found self esteem."



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