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We exist to end the suffering of dogs from heartworm disease

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Sometimes one dog can inspire a movement. That's what Dexter did.  Partners-4-Paws was born to bring the  tragedy of heartworm disease to light and to eliminate it through education, testing, preventatives, and treatment. 

Since Hurricane Harvey devestated the gulf coast of Texas in August 2017, the incidences of heartworm disease is on the rise.  Many dog owners aren't aware of the rising rate of heartworm disease.  Many know, but are unable to provide testing and preventatives for thier dogs because thier funds are still being used to rebuild their homes and feed their human family. Unfortunately, some are abandoning their heartworm positive dogs which then arrive at the shelters causing additional complications.

We joined forces with citizens, veterinarians, rescues and shelters to  encourage testing, and preventatives in rescue dogs. We are having success, but we  are still fighting an uphill battle.  There are more affected dogs every day and we need the support of our generous donors to help us provide education, medications, and treatment. 

We are having some great success in working with a local animal shelter.  Bayou Animals Services is taking an active role in helping stamp out heartworm  disease. They also refer citizens to us who have heartworm positive dogs and want to provide treatment.  The cost can be overwhelming to a family trying to make ends meet, but because of the generosity of people like you, we can help cover the costs and save a beloved family pet.

Watch the story of Dexter and the suffering he went through, then join our fight against heartworm disease so there are no more Dexters.