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Parrotzvilles Surrenders (Parrotzville The Bird Store)

Exotic Parrot Surrender

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Parrotzville the bird store/Surrenders    We are a team of 4 people that have a passion for what we do. We board and  groom exotic parrots.  Parrots have a long expected life in comparison  to most companion pets. So here at Parrotzville we are a surrender for Parrot owners to surrender their companions when they no longer can care for them due to illness, death or just dont have the time to give to them. our mission is to find loving families to provide forever homes. Most of our parrots are in their 20, and could have another 20 or more years to go with proper diet and exercise.  We believe in educating  people about owning a exotic parrot and the needs of that parrot. We became a non profit in 2016  

Due to this Panademic and the uncertainy and worrisome time, we have Lost All boarding and grooming that generates our funds that support this small business, we are asking for any donations to please Help. 

  Thank You,

Team Parrotzville