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Palestinian American Medical Association

Promote healthcare in Palestine

http://palestinian-ama.org/ Tax ID 47-2227058


PAMA is a 501 (c)(3) charity that promotes health care and health care education in Gaza and the West Bank. For seven years, PAMA has supported the Palestinian health care system through a comprehensive array of programs that aid and promote the development of a more functional and accessible health care system in Gaza and the West Bank.

PAMA works closely with the medical community in the West Bank and Gaza, ensuring that their programs address the most urgent needs of patients, doctors and hospitals. In addition to their clinical programs, PAMA also funds scholarship programs to support the education of local health care providers to promote the growth of a strong, local, accessible and sustainable medical community.

PAMA’s board members are all practicing US physicians that are committed to PAMA’s mission. All of PAMA’s board members volunteer their time to serve on the board and all administrative costs are covered through donations made by board members. PAMA’s commitment to transparency and service is the foundation upon which the organization is built.

Through medical missions, scholarships, educational programs and donations of equipment and supplies PAMA is addressing the humanitarian crisis faced by over 3 million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza that do not have access to critical medical care.