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Join us  in celebrating 20  years  of our beautiful nonprofit organization PA Dance Vision  (PADV)  and  Director,  Maria  Triano's  30th year as teacher, mentor, artist and choreographer!!    "I  started dancing at 5 years old, began my career at 24.  Feeling so fulfilled with staying true to myself, my business and work as an professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and mentor.    When you know what your calling is, and you let yourself have it, amazing things happen in your life.  I am so proof of that.    (I  love teaching people how to do that too!!),  says  Triano.

PA Dance Vision's mission has grown in leaps and bounds in the year 2020.

This is just the beginning!!  

We now have a "no limits world wide" vision!!  

Our mission is to offer our programs, classes, performances and educational resources and events online and in person for FREE!!!

Maria  will  continue to educate, develop and help dancers, performing artists, dance therapists and professionals, while  she  and  her  team  will be expanding their  reach to include children, families, both at home and in community with others, school teachers, medical professionals and celebrities.  Many of those passionate core groups need mind, body, spirit wellness teachings.  This is what we will give them!!  

We share our Dance Education Outreach Programs, online, to enhance the creative, mental/emotional and physical lives of children, teens and adults.  Our Dance Education Outreach Programs are offered for free to families and students, thriving soley on donation support to bring our students classes they love from home or in community with others.    Our  intention is  for  our  virtual  children's  creative dance  classes to  be  offered  in  children's  hospitals.

Our online meditation and yoga programs help to support families and individuals to experience their personal best by aligning with their natural mind, body and spirit wellness.  Along with those in the performing arts, we work with, guide and empower, children, parents, teachers, those in the military,  nurses and doctors, those in recovery and their family members, those on spiritual and intuitive paths, as well as, business owners and those working in large corporations.   We help and teach people to release stress, find their inner-peace, and to build and live with individual integrity and strength from the inside out.

Our programs are easily adapted for public, private and homeschooling.

Yet in order to take them in the direction we need to go in, we need money.

Again, this is just the beginning.

Maria  and  PADV will be performing "Living Room Concerts" and virtual events  from  her  studio  in  Analomink,  PA,  PA  Dance  Network.

Donations support the vision!!  Our goal is to offer all of our programs and  concerts for free world wide.  We need your support to make that happen.

About PA Dance Vision as a dance performance company...we are made up of pre-professional and professional dancers, teachers, studio owners and choreographers who share their passionate joy and expertise of dance artistry through dance performance and education, both in person and online.  The company features the choreographic work of  Maria Triano whose expertise is in Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz and Creative dance.   Company members have been trained by Maria, at her studio, PA  Dance  Network, in addition to receiving training and education by other dance professionals and/or university educators.  The dancers live and work across the globe and gather for performances, workshops and special events.  PADV carries with them the dance legacy of, the late, Catherine "Kitty"  Culnane,  former dance professors from East Stroudsburg University.

Will  you  help  us take PA Dance Vision into the future?

We also GREATLY need your help with directing people in your circle to us.  Shares, likes, loves, comments, posts, and follows SO help us to reach the masses.

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Did you know about Maria's  new podcast "Walking Your Path"?  Season One is in the can, as they say, with 9 episodes.  Season Two is beginning this month!!  Another yummy freebie, guys!!


For dance videos, as well as, other mind/body/spirit teachings and guided meditations enjoy our YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/padance