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Ozark Foothills Literacy Project

Empowering Individuals and Improving Communities through Education

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We are a small nonprofit headquartered in Batesville, AR.  We serve Fulton, Sharp, Izard, Independence, and Stone counties by teaching adults to read and write, teaching folks to speak English, and through family literacy.  Our goal is to help people become more independent.

Some students want to read to their kids, others may need to learn for work or to obtain their citizenship.  Think of everything that you read in a day.  Our students typically read below a third grade level along with 36 million fellow Americans.  We help them reach the reading levels they need to enroll in school, obtain work, or otherwise function in society. 

When our students learn to read, write, speak English, or to engage in family literacy, they are passing those skill down to the next generation.  If you are interested in combating the literacy crisis from a multigenerational and multicultural level, please, join us.  We need you.