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Promoting Safe Open Water Lake Swimming (OWLs) in Evanston, Illinois

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Locally, the OWLs are well-known on Lake Michigan’s Evanston beaches and at the McGaw YMCA as US Master swimmers. We’ve supported each other’s aquatic goals in our open water swims, potluck gatherings and in both local and international open-water swim competitions. One of our members (Aurora Louise Gore) successfully crossed the English Channel in 2011 and our efforts have raised thousands of dollars for local charities. 

With an increase in membership, we’ve decided to extend our passion for the sport of open-water swimming and give back to our community and the lake we love by creating a not-for profit orgainzation: the Open Water Lake swimming Foundation (or OWLs). Through this organization, we will open up the exhilaration, beauty and challenge of open-water swimming in Evanston through our annual Great Lake Plunge.