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EVENT DATE: Sep 17, 2016

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 15, 2016

WHERE: Downtown Amarillo at the Eagle Centre

(8th and Tyler; down the west side of the building)



HOW: Raise (or pay) a minimum of $800 and be one of the first 70 people to reach this goal. You will then secure a spot to go Over the Edge! 


FAQ: Here are answers to a few common questions:

Is there a minimum age to rappel? Yes, the minimum age is 18. 


Are there weight restrictions to rappel? Yes, participants generally must be 100-300 pounds to safely fit into the harness equipment. If you are close to the range, please ask us to double check possible solutions.


Who/what is Over the Edge? Over the Edge is a special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations anywhere in North America. Participants are invited to raise pledges in exchange for the experience of rappelling over the edge of a local building. Over the Edge takes care of all technical aspects for the event including the insurance, professional ropes staff and equipment. They are OSHA compliant and SPRAT guidelines are strictly followed.


What should I expect, what should I wear, what if I freak out and other day-of event questions!  After you register and pay your $50 registration fee, you will receive a packet that includes a waiver and also addresses the specific details of the day for participants.


What does my fundraising support?  Coffee Memorial is a non-profit organization and the only blood center that serves 31 counties in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. So, you are helping save lives and experiencing the thrill of a lifetime! 


What if I don't raise the minimum $800? Can I still rappel?  We have every confidence that you can raise the minimum! This is the minimum donation required. All money raised will go to Coffee Memorial Blood Center, even if you are unable to the complete $800.  Please note, the $50 registration fee is non-refundable but does count towards your total if you reach your minimum.


Other questions?  Please email Jack Light at jlight@thegiftoflife.org or call him at 331-8853.