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Ovations For A Cure, Inc.

Support for women while undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer

www.OvationsForTheCure.org Tax ID 20-4284833


Supporting ovarian cancer research, awareness & patient programs, Ovations for the Cure is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of a cure for ovarian cancer. Our goal is to live in a world free of ovarian cancer. How do we get there? It starts with education and awareness. We provide education programs that prioritize increasing awareness of ovarian cancer to improve early detection. Focused on improving the lives of women currently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we have created and participate in many patient programs. And maybe most importantly, we are funding critical research that is getting us closer to a test for early detection and a cure every day. With your help, we can attain better research, increased awareness and support for the over 22,000 women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.