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Outta the Cage

'Cuz rescue dogs are the new cool!

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Our mission at Outta the Cage is to help people see shelter dogs as individuals. We go to shelters and capture dogs on video playing in the playyard. We then post these videos on social media, and enlist people like you to help share 'em with your friends and family. We also provide inspiration and best practices for how to network shelter dogs, offering field-proven tips for successful advocacy, foster, adoption, and video-taking.

Outta the Cage is directly involved in the community, fostering hard-to-adopt dogs and helping rescue groups find homes for adoptable pets. We put special focus on “at-risk” animals, including seniors, special needs animals, and so-called dominant breeds. These dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters but, through targeted networking, promotion and training, they can become wonderful companions.

Outta the Cage was started by Jill Dyché. As a lifelong dog rescuer, Jill knows that dogs rarely show their best selves in a chaotic shelter environment. So she gets them out of their cages and into the play yards and parks where they can blossom and be dogs again! Jill and her team then video these encounters so other people can get to know the dogs and share them. Moreover, as a software executive, Jill realizes that by keeping data on these dogs, she can help target ways to improve their chances of getting—and staying—outta the cage!

From time to time, Outta the Cage also advises shelters, rescues, animal advocacy groups, and private companies on the application of information technology to animal rescue. In 2019, we will offer certification for volunteers who want to take videos of animals at their local shelters.

Outta the Cage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 81-2662285) and all U.S. donations are tax deductible. Our team is comprised solely of volunteers, and donations never go to pay individuals.