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Our Lady of Guadalupe




The Vatican Gardens are a wondrous site, which cover more than half of Vatican City. This urban garden is full of beautiful walkways surrounded by flowers and exquisite statues. The Vatican Gardens have always been a place of rest and peace for the popes to enjoy and visitors remark on the garden’s tranquil atmosphere and architectural beauty.

The history of the Vatican Gardens:
“Within the boundary of [Nicholas III’s] protective walls, he planted an orchard, lawn and garden. The gardens, ‘Palazzetto del Belvedere,” and courtyars of the Vatican Museums are located on the same grounds as Nero’s Circus, on which the very first early Christians were martyred and St. Peter was crucified. Tradition holds that upon the site of the Vatican Gardens, Saint Helena spread earth brought from Golgotha to symbolically unite the blood of Christ with that shed by thousands of early Christians who died in the persecutions of Nero.”
~Wishbook Restoration Projects 2014

The section of the garden that we have chosen to help restore is Our Lady of Guadalupe, which lies in the northwest corner of Vatican City. This area is positioned atop Vatican Hill and has a stunning view of the city of Rome.

The history behind Section 3: Our Lady of Guadalupe
“There is much significance here: this area houses the olive tree from the Garden of Gethsemane that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Nimister of Israel, gave to Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. It is also where the helipad is located, making it the last point from which Benedict left Vatican City as pontiff as well as the entry point, on occasion, for presidents and prime ministers when visiting the Holy Father.

One of the most special pieces in this section is its namesake statue, which was donated by Mexico to Pope Pius XII in 1939. Its figurative program represents the foundation story of Our Lady of Guadalupe: the statue depicts the apparition of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe as it was miraculously revealed in Mexico City in the year 1531. The poor native Juan Diego stands, showing the sacred image of the Virgin that had appeared on his vestment, while the Franciscan Bishop Juan de Zumaraga kneels before it, bowing down as a witness to the miracle of the beautiful, sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”
~ Wishbook Restoration Projects 2014

What your donation will go towards:
General diagnosis of different pieces, conservation issues and more thorough fieldwork that will further define how to subdivide these costs over the of course of the next years.
4 month contracts for specialized restorations
2 month contracts for support workers
all the infrastructure of the support above
A means of transportation for the restorers and pieces
Specific mechanical equipment for outdoor restoration
The equipment for support of the graphic and photographic documentation of the intervention
The costs for diagnostics in the yard and laboratory analysis
The identification of the weather most appropriate for the works, future restorations and the successive maintenance of the artifacts
The creation of a definitive strategy for the restoration of the artifacts and archaeological pieces in the Vatican Gardens.

Please help us preserve this section of the gardens. Any amount will help.



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