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OurBrainBank, Inc.

Moving glioblastoma from terminal to treatable. Powered by patients.

www.ourbrainbank.org Tax ID 82-2307232


OurBrainBank is an innovative, patient-led movement designed to move glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients. Founder Jessica Morris has been living with GBM since January 2016.

OurBrainBank is a completely new approach to cracking cancer. We focus on one of the most complex and aggressive brain cancers — glioblastoma — because overcoming one of the toughest cancers may be the key to cracking them all.

OurBrainBank is designed by, for, and with people with glioblastoma.

Our key tool is a free smartphone app patients or carers use to track health indicators, set medication reminders, and play games that monitor cognitive function. This cutting-edge technology enables people to better manage their disease and — at the same time — the anonymously donated data will be used by scientists to accelerate research.

OurBrainBank is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in the US and a registered charity in the UK.