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Organization For Global Health Empowerment, Inc.

he Organization for Global Health Empowerment, Inc. is a 501 (C)(3) organization by the standard of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and with its approval. We are member of the New Castle Chamber of Commerce in the State of Delaware. In an attempt to contribute to world effort, the Organization for Global Health Empowerment, Inc. is birthed to serve as a standing organization that will organize, promote and encourage disease education campaigns and programs all year round globally, especially in developing countries. Our effort will be heavily invested in creating awareness and exposing individuals, families and communities to all available information for almost every disease that continues to plague vulnerable populations around the world. This goal will be achieved through building community based support teams, providing disease information centers in communities and making available treatment possibilities, medical supplies and or general help to victims. Hence, the primary mission of this organization is to empower people to be knowledgeable about diseases, disorders and viruses. We seek to work in collaboration with all well-meaning national and international organizations to help our world live disease free as much as possible. MOTTO: “Taking DISEASE EDUCATION to the PEOPLE”

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