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Fallon's Fund For The Zoo!

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BENEFITING: Oregon Zoo Foundation

Fallon Jeffers


This fundraiser is not affiliated to the Oregon Zoo. I'm a individual that just happens to love animals and really wanted to do something big for our beloved Oregon Zoo for their birthday!

This November, the Oregon Zoo - one of the oldest in the country - will officially turn 125 years old. It's amazing when you think about it: The zoo has been community supported since 1888 – a time when there were no cars, no planes and only 38 states in the union.

I really want the community of Oregon to come together and give something back to the one place that has always taken care of the animals in our world. Faith, love, and compassion for animals is always taught at the Oregon Zoo and that is something the whole world needs. The Oregon Zoo could always use more donations from people like you, even if just a $1. They're always needing to build or expand something if they have the funds available and are always doing their best to take care of the animals. If you haven't noticed the Oregon Zoo is right on it when one of their animals gets sick. I believe a place like this is amazing and really deserves a hand here and there and there is no better time to do it then for their 125th birthday in November!

Donating to the Oregon Zoo as a community and coming together like that is just mind blowing.

If you donate $10 or even just a $1 it'll still help out a lot.

A bit more information on how your donation would help:

It takes a substantial amount of resources to maintain the Oregon Zoo's high level of excellence, and even more to continually increase standards of animal care, education and environmental sustainability.

Community involvement and support are vital to ensuring that the Oregon Zoo continues to thrive and be a resource for all. Gifts to the Oregon Zoo Foundation, both large and small, make it possible to:

* Develop new, world-class exhibits that benefit both animals and visitors
* Pioneer new methods of animal enrichment
* Provide excellent educational programming
* Implement innovative sustainability programs
* Participate in groundbreaking conservation research
* Increase community access to the zoo
* Invest in highly-skilled staff

The Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Zoo Foundation wish to thank everyone who generously supports the zoo's efforts to create a better future for wildlife.

About the Oregon Zoo:

The 64-acre Oregon Zoo is located in Portland, a city and surrounding metropolitan area of more than 1.5 million people. Attendance in 2011 exceeded 1.6 million.

The zoo has five major exhibit areas: Great Northwest, Fragile Forests, Asia, Pacific Shores and Africa. Within these large areas are 23 specialized exhibits.

* Animals of the Oregon Zoo *

* 2,200 individual animals represent 260 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
* 21 endangered species and 33 threatened species live at the zoo.
* The zoo is active in 21 Species Survival Plans.

* Plants of the Oregon Zoo *

* Native plants of the Pacific Northwest's temperate rainforests have been cultivated to create naturalistic exhibits, pathways and vistas within the zoo.
* More than 1,000 species of exotic plants thrive in the zoo's botanical gardens, including firebird heliconia, pelican flower and ground orchid. Some are harvested and given to the animals as browse.



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