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Operation: Regenerate

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Regenerate: to give new life to or energy to; revitalize. Restored to a better state; refreshed or renewed

Since 1995, Cedar Hill Enrichment Center has a rich history of providing programs for sustaining the human spirit and is ever evolving to respond to the needs of our community.

Operation: Regenerate at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center was developed to provide women veterans and military service women experiencing symptoms of Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) with a comprehensive, week long holistic program with activities promoting healing, empowerment and resiliency to give the participants renewed life and energy, and restore them to society refreshed and ready for life’s challenges.

Urgent Need - "Women veterans are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems, to have suffered sexual trauma during their military service, and to have a greater risk of homeless than their male counterparts." (Annie Gowen, (The Washington Post) May 28, 2012) Female veterans are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless veterans’ population. More than 80,000 female veterans reside in Georgia alone.

Women veterans are less likely than men to use health services of the Veterans Administration, so their problems go untreated. Many find the VA environment uncomfortable, and unwelcoming to their reports of sexual harassment. Most VA hospitals are staffed primarily by males. Separate floors specifically assigned to women are almost impossible to find. Women are hesitant to seek services for fear of losing custody of their children. Based on current research, Cedar Hill detects a dire need for outreach to women veterans and active military females, and for services specifically designed for them.

The goals of Operation: Regenerate are to release anger; empower participants to make healthy lifestyle decisions; provide herbal remedies where appropriate; develop relaxation techniques; build self-esteem and self confidence; and learn vocational skills to equip them to return to the work place. The program activities are designed especially to meet the needs of women veterans and include elements of horticultural therapy, plant metaphors, permaculture ethics and principles, meditation, journaling, t’ai chi chih and/or yoga nidra, labyrinth walks, art expression with clay, music and fabric, and time in nature. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and other psychotherapy services will be provided by a licensed female therapist with experience in veterans’ issues. 

The issues these women face require consistent and ongoing time together, as opposed to coming and going from a facility for sessions. Sessions will be one week in length with daily activities for small groups of 6-10. This amount of time will allow the women to feel safe and create a bond with each other. The therapist will stay on site throughout each week long session to provide extended availability to participants as needed. Week-end and day retreats will also be offered and the program can be adapted for caregivers and mixed groups of women and men. 

 The budget for this program includes the cost of highly skilled therapy and facilitator personnel, supplies (office, horticultural, art, etc), accomodations and food for the participants. The cost for this week long program is $1700 per participant but the cost will not be passed along to them. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and no amount is too small! Every little bit adds up and will be used to fund the program at no additional cost to the participants. Thank you for your support!




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