Operation Active Kids, OAK

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The Story

EVENT DATE: Jul 04, 2020

We are raising funds to support children in the community to be active. As many families are now without work, extracurricular activities may become harder and harder to pay for. We want to continue to see our children grow stronger and for many, this will only happen if we step in and financially support the opportunity. When kids are able to participate in physical activity, they are growing in physical health as well as mental health and while this has always been important, its even bigger now with all of the stress that families are facing amid the limitations imposed by COVID-19. We believe that by providing opportunities for kids to participate in group activities that promote wellness, we are growing a stronger and healthier community! If you are able, we're asking for you to support 1 Kid for 1 Month at $65.00. Of course, any amount is appreciated and will make a difference, so consider giving no matter the amount. Thank you from our hearts and from the hearts of our kids and their parents. Your gift means more than you know!

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