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Educate. Elevate. Emancipate.

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It is the mission, duty and purpose of the OPENSOURCELIVING FOUNDATION (hereinafter “OSL”) to address, educate, coordinate, and provide assistance and support to individuals and organizations seeking to live sustainably and autonomously regardless of geographical position. It is our duty to be available when we are capable to provide resources to improve the economic and social well-being of people and we intend to accomplish this by helping facilitate the development of self-sustainable communities irrespective of scale. OSL supports all autonomous living initiatives around the world.

Our vision is to see OSL become a highly recognized global brand that is known for being the centralized networking resource for solving many of the world’s challenges while promoting acceptance and tolerance as well as celebrating our collective diversity. Our ultimate measure of success is realizing several interconnected autonomous communities operating in equilibrium with their environs.

Simply put, “OPEN-SOURCE” “LIVING” refers to any technology or methodology made available for use or modification as people see fit to deploy for the betterment of everyday life sustaining systems. One of our core tenets is to provide a knowledge-share of information and resources as a public collaboration made freely available for others to adopt, innovate and continue to pay forward for positive change.

Our purpose is to create a modular formula that promotes autonomy through proven regenerative practices and can be adopted, duplicated and improved upon by anyone. We endeavor to help facilitate the creation of multiple bottom-up eco-iniatives across the globe which will be the catalyst that begins the domino effect of a global regenerative habitat movement. The revolutionary nature of this movement will be responsible for combating the root cause of human suffering, namely dependency.