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Open Doors To Future Possibilities, Inc.

low-cost Counseling to individuals, couples & families


Open Doors to Future Possibilities, Inc. is committed to advocating for and serving the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Santa Clara County and beyond. Our goal is to help strengthen the hope and resilience of our community members by making it possible for them to give new meanings to their past experiences and create new beginnings and opportunities for their future. We offer Counseling Services to Individuals, Couples, and Families for only $10 an hour at our Consultation Center for Healing and Transformation. In a warm welcoming environment, we provide tutoring, entertainment (Movies and Music) and media literacy educationto the youth. At our Senior Community Center, we provide the seniors with a music night on Thursdays, a round table discussing topics that are interesting to the members on Mondays and a ‘Celebration of Lived Experiences Dreams’ night on Wednesdays, where members will share a meaningful memory of the past or a dream for the future with the group. Our other programs are: 1. Welcome home Veterans: where we help our Veterans to expereince a smooth transition to civilian life. 2. Empowering women who have been or are still in an abusive relationship to live free from violence and abuse. 3. Helping individuals suffering from schizophrenia to live meaningful lives outside the label of schizophrenia. 4. Providing the disadvantaged kids and teens a warm community where they can engage in sports and fun activities. 5. empowering members of the LGBTQ+ in a safe and welcoming environment so they can create alliances and live fulfilling lives. 6. Coalition for diverse ethnicities, religions and abilities to help create a better world for all people.