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Opal S Dream Foundation Inc

Opal's Dream Foundation restores dignity, respect and joy to seniors in long-term care by celebrating and enriching their lives.

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Founded in 2011, Opal's Dream Foundation restores dignity, respect and joy to seniors in nursing homes. We celebrate and enrich their lives by providing mobility and quality of life improvements, recreation and socialization opportunities, pet therapy, companionship, and spiritual support. Currently serving thousands of seniors in 92 nursing homes across 40 cities in Kentucky & Indiana, primarily in the Louisville Metro area. Our organization is named for Opal Grubbs, who spent 44 years of her life at Highlands Nursing & Rehabilitation in Louisville. Her life story - and tireless efforts to improve the lives of her fellow seniors - inspired us to make her mission our own. The seniors we serve lack financial resources - many of our seniors have endured a lifetime of economic hardship - and often lack adequate family or community support. Our programs seeks to make restorative changes for a diverse cross section of at-risk and underserved populations, including minorities, immigrants, and those living with disabilities.

The seniors we serve -  nearly all of whom have preexisting medical conditions - are at the highest risk from COVID-19, and senior communities have been strictly locked down for some time. This means no visitors, trips, or live entertainment, so the need for comfort, support and stimulation has never been higher, and is only rising. Opal's mission is more crucial and urgent than ever before, so we have - and will - remain in operation throughout this extremely difficult time, bringing assistance where it is needed most.