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Only One Sky NFP (Onlyonesky)

Inspiring citizen engagements on global sustainability

https://skydayproject.com/ Tax ID 47-1341245


We are a team of leading scientists, NGSS specialists, artists - even an astronaut! Our mission is to give schools free, high quality climate change and environmental science units that boost learning in the classroom and give students the skills to better understand and respond to our changing environment. We are currently testing the effectiveness of a five lesson NGSS unit for Illinois schools called What is happening to the Rusty Patched Bumblebee? (Did you know this native pollinator has declined by 87% in the last 20 years? ) 

Our educational approach is highly engaging. We talk about the impacts of environmental change on local Illinois species rather than far away penguins and polar bears. We incorporate parent/guardian engagement pieces too designed to promote intergenerational learning and all our units end with positive actions projects students can take to  help.