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EVENT DATE: Jan 01, 2017

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jan 01, 2017

St. Louis College Prep continues to grow each year, adding grades and scholars who plan to thrive in our rigorous academic environment. But each new student means we need an additional Chromebook, at a cost of $250 each (including funding for charging carts). Our goal is to have one Chromebook for each of our scholars by January 1, 2017. Please help us achieve our goal of having 1:1 by 1/1 so we can ensure our scholars continue to get the best education possible. In order to reach that goal we need to raise $37,500 in order to purchase 150 new Chromebooks for our school. Each Chromebook costs approximately $250, so every dollar you contribute helps. On the next page, in the "Find a friend" field, please type in the name of your friend who encouraged you to contribute, or you can contribute directly to our main team "South City Preparatory Academy - St. Louis College Prep"

Please also take a moment to share our initiative on social media or you start your own fundraising page with just a couple of clicks and see how much your network of friends and family can raise to help get Chromebooks for each of our scholars. Just click on the "Set up your fundriaser" button and select the St. Louis College Prep Team and we will set you up with your very own fundraising page for this initiative that you can share to see how much your social circle can raise.

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