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One Reel

One Reel in a 501c3 producer of educational, cultural and artistic programming that supports opportunities & funding for artists. We engage & entertain audiences through events like Pianos In The Parks, the Mayor’s Arts Awards, Career Days, Bumbershoot, and ART SAVES ME. For over four decades, One Reel has worked with thousands of artists and established deep, meaningful community partnerships with Seattle’s most noteworthy arts and civic-minded organizations.

WWW.ONEREEL.ORG Tax ID 23-7246862

Our objectives haven’t changed much  over the years.  One Reel continues to work toward leaving a lasting cultural legacy for Seattle to build upon.  To ensure this goal is realized, we still present one-of-a-kind programming to benefit new generations of artists and audiences.

OUR MISSION: One Reel fuels civic pride through signature experiences that foster growth & development of community and the arts.

OUR VISION: We believe in the transformative power of art and support artists and programs  that challenge audiences  with progressive, cultural ideas.