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Old Friends Club

Old Friends Club cultivates joy in the lives of adults with cognitive challenges and nourishes the well-being of family caregivers.

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Who Are Old Friends Club Members?

We are Club Members who may be living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia; the effects of a stroke or Parkinson’s; or communication challenges.

We focus on our strengths and enjoy friendship and fun.

We are supported with the help we need to bolster our independence. 

We are Family Caregivers who are committed to caring for our family members the best way we can.

Our daily concerns can be overwhelming.

Old Friends Club offers the respite, support, education and referrals that help us continue to offer good care at home.

We are Dedicated Staff Members and Volunteerswho care about each person and who create a relaxed atmosphere of fun and respect.

We remind members of their strengths and encourage choices so each member looks forward to their time at Old Friends Club.