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Ojo Sarco Community Center

Celebrating 32 years of service. Founded in 1988 to create a fire department and a public space in the community to offer programs and services.

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Mission of the organization: To sustain the only public space in Ojo Sarco, to remain open, to have a place that fosters community pride and enriches the lives of the people of Ojo Sarco and neighboring villages through programs and activities. The OSCC vision of health includes those elements that enable people to maintain a high quality of life and productivity in a healthy and safe environment.

• To support the Ojo Sarco Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. 

• To support the Ojo Sarco CC Food Pantry and other food security programs. 

• To create and support programs for children of all ages. 

• To support literacy, provide a library resource, and a  free, public wifi hotspot.