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Octagon Center for the Arts

The Octagon Center for the Arts is a non-profit community art center in the heart of downtown Ames, Iowa. A cornerstone of the cultural scene in Ames since 1966, the Octagon serves more than 30,000 people each year through art classes and outreach, rotating exhibits, a retail gallery shop, and the annual Octagon Art Festival.

https://octagonarts.org/ Tax ID 42-0937490


The Octagon Center for the Arts encourages interaction and creative self-expression by providing inclusive opportunities and spaces that bring people together through art.

The founders of the Octagon visualized an art center that would foster active participation in the arts by 1) providing a place where the arts are taught to people of all ages, 2) giving serious practicing artists a meeting place to work together, exchange ideas, and discuss common interests 3) offering activities that would stimulate the appreciation of the arts.