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Oceania Digambara (Ocean Friends (Friends of the Ocean of Consciousness and Bliss))

A nonsectarian oasis of spirit, learning, cultural preservation, and humanitarian action grounded in the High Himalayan spiritual culture and rare unbroken transmission of enlightened Master energy dating from India's ancient Sanatana Dharma, an archaeologically and meditatively recovered Age prior to all organized religion, still continuing today. OD conserves and transmits this Truth; all 108 known + hidden Paths, as appropriate, to Sincere Seekers. Meditation, Healing, Blessing, Dancing Meditation, Celebrations in the Temple of Nature, Humanitarian Action, Unlimited Q/A Sessions with a rare living Master, experiences of uninterrupted cleansing trance, more, and the tranquility of the sacred aesthetics of a public Meditation & Sculpture Garden surrounding the Ashrama, open all year, filled with the energy of scientifically labelled Medicinal Plants, Trees, stone Yantra planters, Cultural Performances, Learned Conversations with experts & scholars accompanied by tea and biscuits, all reflecting the atmosphere of a once shared sacred aesthetics in a restored fractured mosaic of unified, high civilization interculturally traced out from an ancient planetary past. Educational & Meditative moments within an unmistakable perimeter of Silence and Peace. Daily visits and longer stays. Space & Activities for Children & Blessing.

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Swamiji, who comes from the land of Truth where the population is very small, invites Sincere Seekers to directly join the Sangam, the ancient Community of Truth, to share & meet as Friends, to dissolve Mind & negative Karmas, heal, enter trance & Oneness, celebrate, dance, dissolve the 'Monkey Mind' & begin a real inner journey toward Soul & Freedom. Oceania Digambara, a rare nonsectarian oasis of spirit, learning, cultural preservation, ancient meditative paths & humanitarian action, stands in the rarest unbroken transmission of Enlightened High Himalayan Master energy & high spiritual civilization grounded in India's ancient Sanatana Dharma, a time before all organized religion, spreading from there in all geographies and directions. OD teaches against a tide of vastly misguided & self-certified US 'yogas' that have, for the most part, badly commercialized 'yoga' & abused 'meditation', straying far from the origins of each, reducing 'yoga' to mere gymnastics, badly timed, with improper kumback (breathing), thus hardly a 'yoga' at all, and both now misguided & navigating further from Soul & authentic Meditation, giving no permanent peace. OD recovers the sure route & connection to Soul,and has done so for many hundreds of people, intellectually & experientially, guiding unmistakably into palpable inner Quiet & peaceful trance, beyond the discursive 'monkey mind', with healing fine tuned to each Seeker, dissolving ripples of mind & karmas, enabling a mind 'EMPTY-not FULL', resetting 'mind' to the mystical 'ZERO' of Soul and Shunyata state. OD teaches all 108 known + hidden Paths, initiates, patiently answers all Q/A, facilitates conversations with experts and scholars (over tea and biscuits) in sacred aesthetics, classical texts, deep psychology, Ayurveda, as also intercultural sacred arts and performances. It is the ancient Care of the Soul & its spiritual culture of the True, the Good, the Beautiful & the Just, working spiritual freedoms for Sincere Seekers in troubled and also excellent times, supplying a powerful counterweight to the misleading 'samyama' affects of so-called 'mindfulness meditations', & many other newly coined, commercialized 'pseudo-yogas' and 'new age' practices, even the pseudo-healings and the high level well-intentioned 'reframes' of neuroscience, all missing the mark.  OD restores the total economy of Persons as body+mind+Soul, of which only Soul is eternal, permanent, unchanging, and Real.  A few of these methods draw close, but 'close' only counts in horseshoes & grenades, and not at all in matters of authentic spirituality. The best of high state 'mind' never escapes the 'Monkey' of illusions, often rigidly fossillizing in a lifetime.  Enlightenment & Meditation require the rocket precision of 'emptiness' and dissolution of 'mind',  'Zero' on the target of Soul and radical Truth, Mind EMPTY never 'full', indeed surpassed, dissolved and vaporized into the vast Ocean of Bliss. 'Knots' of karma are untied & dissolved. OD creates an atmosphere that decodes for the interested the symbolic dimensions and messages within the fabric of sacred aesthetics, decoding the 'languages' of 'icons' (not idols), the deep attraction of proto-philosophical sacred 'Story', respect for Nature & Persons as the real Temples,  guides a sensitive adventure across world cultures, & offers consistent, refined, precise spiritual navigation & discriminating nomenclature for an authentic Phenomenology & Fourth Order Psychology of Consciousness, shifted ever so slightly, but rightly, to reach Soul/Atma. OD, & Swamiji by The Master's Touch, surrounded by a planned Meditation & Sculpture Garden filled with Medicinal Plants & Trees, are poised to stamp the Visa that allows the Traveller to 'pass through the ancient portal of the Soul', with a proper 'Passport' for entry into the land of Compassionate Enlightenment, the ultimate destination of every Soul.  When the Student is ready the Teacher comes. Don't miss your moment.  Sincerity is the only requirement. Swamiji says, "Come! Let us share as Friends."