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Save the oceans

www.oceanblueproject.org Tax ID 75-3022057


Ocean Blue Project was Founded on ​Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon​ on October, 16 2012. Fleet and Richard Arterbury hosted our first beach clean up called ​"World Oceans Day"​ on June 8th on Nye Beach.

Ocean Blue Project is a non-profit organization whose Mission is to protect and conserve the world's ocean, beaches, and rivers, through education and awareness, by providing service learning projects, enhancing wildlife habitat, cleaning beaches and rivers, and by reducing pollution.

OBP's goals are to empower communities and beyond by providing planning and providing technical assistance to landowners, communities, and local governments.

Our main focus and goal is to improve urban water quality by using a holistic ecosystem based approach that synergistically reduces pollutants entering the river, prevents erosion, and provides wildlife habitat, and the clean the World's Ocean through beach cleanups.

​Through the process of restoration, we are providing environmental education, connecting people in the community to their natural environment, and improving biodiversity.
Our Vision is to lower Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and E. Coli from animal waste from coast to coast across the United States. Our goal of restoration is to create a self supporting ecosystem that is resilient to perturbation without further assistance.

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