Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
GoFundMe Charity : Jul 29, 2010
Tax ID: 11-2934620
BASED: Brooklyn, NY, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.obtjobs.org

Opportunities for a Better T...

Our Mission

The mission of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow is to help youth and adults recognize their own self-worth, and advance toward self-sufficiency and financial security through job training, academic reinforcement, improved life skills, job placement, and support services.

Greetings from the Sunset Park Alliance for Youth – I’m reaching out to you today because the severely disconnected youth served by the Alliance need your help. The Alliance reconnects out-of-school youth ages 16 – 24 back to the classroom and workforce. At the Alliance, young adults are given the opportunity to engage in counseling, obtain their GED and participate in work readiness and certification programs on their path to connection.

Recently a GED instructor referred a young lady, “E,” to the Supporting Potential In Our Neighborhood (SPIN) program at the Alliance. “E” had repeatedly acted out in the instructor’s classroom, fighting with other students and not remaining on task. After completing the SPIN program and agreeing to counseling arranged by a SPA case manager, “E” was able to return to the classroom and be a productive participant and obtaining her GED within the year. The Alliance has been operational since March 2009; more than 1,300 youth were served by the Alliance and our partners during the last 15 months.

Our Community
Sunset Park is a low-income, immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. For decades, Sunset Park has been a first destination for waves of new immigrants from around the world and a home to many families in poverty. With at least 49% of Sunset Park’s residents are foreign-born. The newer residents come from around the world: Central and South America, China and Pakistan.

Addressing the Disconnected Youth Crisis
In 2009, we conducted a needs-assessment of community youth, which showed a high rate of failure in GED classes. We responded by creating SPIN, which prepares youth for the transition back into the classroom and workplace. SPIN is an intensive ten-week program that serves as the first step on the path to connection – a structured group where youth can learn, share their personal issues and problems in a safe environment.

Give today.
It takes $25,000 a month to continue to serve youth in the SPIN program. Please click on this link to make your first donation of $25 or more: http://www.crowdrise.com/sunsetparkalliance.

Pay it forward – Please send the Crowdrise link to your corporate responsibility partners, annual employee drive, your friends and family and anyone who is invested in making a difference in the lives of young adults in New York City.

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Tax ID: 11-2934620 • www.obtjobs.org


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