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Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Association

Breathing Life into A Storied Hall

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An iconic structure located in the town of North Easton, Massachusetts, erected in honor of Congressman Oakes Ames, a prominent figure in our nation’s great-storied history. Oakes Ames Memorial Hall not only signifies Oakes’ great feats in office and service to our country, but to his efforts in getting the Transcontinental railroad completed as requested by his friend President Lincoln.

The Oakes Ames Memorial Hall is a not-for-profit association, and stands at the center of North Easton near the Ames Shovel Shops, where millions of shovels were manufactured, serving those who labored on the railroad’s creation, in WWI and WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and have had a place in many people’s lives from other projects that forge our country’s history and future and perhaps even a garden or home building project of your own.

The Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, designed by H.H. Richardson, is an architectural icon and one of many architectural marvels located in this small New England town. As with many architectural buildings of the 1800s, time has crept in, taking its toll. While the hall with its magnificent tower is located here in North Easton and only serves those so close by, it is still a hall to all people across the United States.  It is a place where tribute is paid to an individual who sought to bridge the East and West costs by rail, of which has greatly impacted all our lives, in some shape or form, small and large.

The old hall is slowly trying to play a larger role in the areas of arts; musicals and plays, as there are two stages to accommodate various performances. The hall also plays a role in a place for small businesses to gather as well as being home to functions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, reunions and holiday gatherings.

Unfortunately, the hall lacks air conditioning and an elevator for those in need of assistance to reach the loftier grand hall. Wooden stairs require attention, as does the Masonic Meeting room, where a grand painting on the ceiling requires assistance to remain intact for generations after us to admire.

While we are setting our goal at $25,000.00 as our first endeavor into the GoFundMe.Com scene, we’d be forever grateful for those whom wish to help us go beyond that and aid our operating fund to grow to 3,000,000.00 dollars.


New Heating System


Introduce Air Conditioning

Woodwork / Major Wooden Stair Repairs

Code Upgrades

New Kitchen for Catering and Cooking Classes

Stage Renovations and Sound System

Masonic Room Renovations

Upgrade to Natural Gas

Period lighting Fixtures


Security Cameras and Improved WiFi System

Landscape and Landscape Lighting

Our greatest thanks to those who help our mission in restoring the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, making it an even more inviting historical building than it is today. We wish these funds to be enjoyed not just by those who reside nearby, but to all those individuals who grace the halls with their presence today and into the future.