Zoo Move & Groove 2019- Tiger Conservation Campaign

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TIGERS ONCE ROAMED ACROSS MUCH OF ASIA. TODAY, FEWER THAN 4,000 REMAIN. LET’S JOIN FORCES TO SECURE A FUTURE FOR WILD TIGERS. Accredited zoos across North America are mobilizing to raise awareness about wild tigers and funding for their survival. The Tiger Conservation Campaign is coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Tiger Species Survival Plan, the Phoenix Zoo and the Minnesota Zoo. The Tiger SSP’s Tiger Conservation Campaign supports projects that directly address threats to wild tigers. We fund anti-poaching efforts that use SMART technology to improve patrolling efforts and reward patrol teams that perform well. These teams also locate and dismantle snares and help curb illegal encroachment into protected tiger areas. Going after key players in the illegal trade of poached tigers is also critical and we are pleased to be supporting Wildlife Crime Units that conduct this work. To address the threat of tiger-human conflict, the Tiger Conservation Campaign supports teams to respond to and investigate instances of human-tiger conflict. They work with villagers to push tigers back into the forest and come up with strategies to prevent further conflict. For example, these teams build tiger-proof livestock pens in villages affected by livestock losses. These pens are an immediate benefit to local communities and build trust for tiger conservation activities. Tiger-human conflict mitigation teams also rescue tigers caught in snares and return them to the wild whenever possible. With the recent discovery of canine distemper virus in the wild, our campaign is also supporting research to understand the source of this lethal disease and improve capacity of veterinarians to identify and respond to this emerging threat. Conservation is most successful when supported by local people. The Tiger Conservation Campaign funds outreach and educational activities that raise local awareness about the importance of tigers and other wildlife, as well as activities to protect them. Your funds will help pay for monitoring patrols, community awareness efforts, snare removal and emergency veterinary care for wild tigers caught in traps in Sumatra. Thank you!

Posted by Katie La