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  Dec 03 2019

Why: The bottom line is that there is still a tragic deficit of financial literacy being taught in schools today. Our goal is to fund our At-Risk Initiative for the 2019-2020 school year!

Fact: 85% of parents believe that financial education courses should be a requirement for high school graduation (LearnVest)

Fact: Only 33% of high-school students pass a basic financial literacy test (JumpStart) 90% of YIS members pass!

Fact: As of 2015, 39 US states have recently adopted financial literacy standards as part of the Common Core (CEE).

Fact: Most schools don’t have an organized investment curriculum or an investment club, and the ones that do tend to teach using short-term mock portfolios that emphasize poor investment habits.

Fact: You can help! Smart investments and prepared young adults benefit all communities and have a lasting impact locally and globally. Young Investors Society educates teens in budgeting, credit profiles, and entrepreneurship, as well as long term investing.


Young Investors Society has launched the At-Risk Schools Initiative to bring financial literacy to underserved communities and allow at-risk students the opportunity to learn life-changing habits to save and invest for their future through our YIS after-school financial literacy program that focuses on personal finance. Students will learn Account Management, Budgeting, Credit Profiles, Loans & Debt, Entrepreneurship, Saving, Investing, and so much more! We hope to end the cycle of poverty in these communities by empowering the youth to become an active part of their financial future.


Our donors’ contributions have helped grow Young Investors Society into the premier financial literacy program for teens. We rely on donors and corporate support to fund our School Sponsored Clubs and our two flagship programs, the Dollar-A-Day Challenge, and Global Stock Pitch Competition. We are thrilled to be able to expand our programs into underserved areas and need your help. If you are in a position to donate please do so, if not simply share this with those you know or encourage family members in school to join!

Posted by Justin Shoup