You will save a child! Covid19


You will save a kid's life!
  Apr 17 2020

Venezuela’s current economic and political situation is the largest humanitarian crisis in the western hemisphere with almost 5 million people displaced, and need dwarfing available resources. Hunger, lack of medicine, and basic services have hit the Wayuu Region, where indigenous people are suffering severe malnutrition, with students regularly fainting from hunger.  As the coronavirus pandemic impacts Venezuela, the stresses already felt on these communities will be all the more difficult. People inside Venezuela and our region of focus will experience major food shortages because of road closures which have disrupted internal commerce, and resources will be scarcer than they were before coronavirus. This makes any movement in and out of the country all the more dangerous. However, The Wayuu Taya Foundation remains one of the rare organizations able to bring in food and medicine.  

A total of 29 schools, 13 and 7 Institutions including 3 Elderly Centers  from this region are served, covering a total of 12000 people with zero resources. 

Thousands of medicines and hygiene kitts have been distributed around Venezuela thanks to the Foundation’s friends and Partners. 

Join  us  and  help  us  to  continue  saving  the  lives  of  the  Wayuu  children .  Your  donation  will  help  to  save  a  life.  

Thank you!

Posted by Wayuu Taya Foundation Inc