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Learn More about YCore's Impact:  YCore's 2020 Impact Report

Our Mission:

YCore mobilizes young professionals to advance community-based social impact by teaching them to deploy their time, money, skills, and influence as partners and advocates.  

About Us:

We envision a world where local community members—regardless of age, background, and socioeconomic status—learn from one another, advocate for each other, and work hand in hand to advance equity and social justice.As today’s young professionals, we are hungry to make a difference on issues we care about, but many of us lack the tools, knowledge, and connections to be effective agents of change. We want to support equitable solutions to systemic problems, not just as a reaction to social media and current events, but as part of our daily lives. Positively impacting our communities is not a task for the future. It’s an imperative today.Community-based organizations work hard to address inequities in our society, but though they are experts in their fields, they often lack access to diverse resources that allow them to effectively pursue their missions. We have the opportunity to leverage our energy, skills, and networks alongside those already working towards sustainable positive change. We seek to be neither consultants nor saviors, but partners and amplifiers of the voices most impacted by social, environmental, and economic challenges. 

Our Program:

In YCore's four-month, after-work program, fellows partner with community-based nonprofits to work on a strategic volunteer project. During this time, they attend bi-weekly workshops on design thinking, nonprofit fundraising, and the systems that contribute to inequity in their communities. Our programming is designed to help fellows build the knowledge, connections, and foundation they need to reach the next stage of their impact journeys. Our alumni stay involved as volunteers, associate board members, donors, and advocates, and many transition careers to mission-driven or nonprofit organizations with the help of the YCore community.


Destined for X: Destined for X empowers underrepresented students to confidently craft a fulfilling future. This project will revamp D4X’s recruiting process for their (now virtual) summer program, by researching, identifying, and testing marketing strategies that will allow them to have a wider reach. The successful implementation of this project will allow D4X to have a streamlined marketing plan for the future, giving them more time to focus on strengthening their curriculum and program.

Foundation for a College Education: Foundation for a College Education’s mission is to increase the number of students of color from East Palo Alto and similar communities who graduate from a four-year college or university. This project will develop an end-to-end programming strategy and implementation plan exploring various career pathways targeting the middle school to college audience.

Nuestra Casa: Nuestra Casa provides community education, leadership development, and advocacy to uplift Latino families in East Palo Alto and the mid-peninsula. This project will develop an Environmental Justice policy analysis framework to anticipate, influence, and apply new policies that affect disenfranchised communities in East Palo Alto leading to an increase in policy literacy and accountability.

Tenants Together: Tenants Together works to build renter power and strengthen tenants' rights in California. Tenants Together runs a statewide hotline for tenants facing eviction and other housing issues. This project seeks to understand who calls into the hotline and for what reasons, and will help Tenants Together use this information to strengthen their policy and advocacy work.

Each fellow commits to raising $1500 - $2000 to support the YCore program and partnerships. Your donation is critical to our continued work mobilizing the next generation of partners and advocates. Thank you! 

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